“This shows me that I’m on the right track”

Alberto Contador won the lead in the Dauphiné following an attack at one and a half kilometer to go that no one could follow. However, the leader of Tinkoff-Saxo remained cautious and recalled that his target is still far, 20 days away, as well as his preparation. “Today’s result gives me confidence and peace of mind, especially about the work I’m doing. This shows me that to be focused 100% on the bike works and I’m on the right track, but there are still 20 days to reach the first big goal of the year, the Tour de France”.

wxIMG_2136Contador went on to explain that for him, “the most important thing it that legs are better every day, I recovery well and that my preparation is going well. Today Froome was behind me, but here every day is different. Before coming here I was not thinking about winning the race, I was expecting only a good peak of form, but not thinking about victory. Now I’m in yellow, but that does not change anything, tomorrow is also a very difficult stage”. In a Press Conference, Alberto answered a question on the theoretical superiority of Froome in the Tour time trial, which would allow him to be more conservative, explaining that every race “develops differently. Froome is stronger than me at time trial, but what gives me confidence is that the time trial of the next Tour will be the penultimate day, because then the result depends a lot on how you finish the Tour. He will havesome benefit, but there is much ground before. The last time trial of a big tour is always something different”. Finally, Contador responded to a question about his decision to go training in altitude this year and the reasons that have led to this.

“Everyone always tries to optimize the results. Until now I did not need to go in altitude because I got good results and won some big tours. I always said that when I saw that I could not, then it’s time to change. This year I took that step and things have worked well”, he concluded.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).