BsBsWeKCIAAA9fY.jpg-large“It’s a Tour harder than last years”

Alberto Contador has described the route of the Tour de France 2015 as “a bit different from the last few years” and that must be reached “in good shape, because it begins with a short time trial, but where will be differences” said the leader of Tinkoff-Saxo after knowing the official route.

In the first part of the race, Alberto said “we must to be strong in the two uphill finishes, because although they are short, sometimes there are more differences there that in long climbs. It will be very important to have a strong team to be protected, even in the stage of the cobblestones, which will have to see its difficulty level”.

“This first part end with a team time trial in which will be important not having lost riders from falls or illness because a stage like this is not the same with the whole team than with two riders less”, Contador said. “The key of this first part will be go out without losing time, as it will be on the mountain where we’ll play a particularly hilly and demanding Tour because so many uphill finishes”.

“Finishes in Pyrenees will be very important, like the arrival in Mende, a finish that I know well and in which, despite being short, there will be differences”, says Alberto. “This year the recovery of all these efforts will be very important, thinking on the last week in the Alps, thinking they will be very complicated in case you have to defend the lead, although they give many tactical possibilities in case you have to attack. In general, is a Tour that need to arrive fresh at the end, but also to start in good shape, because it is very demanding at first”, says Alberto Contador. “I like this Tour, is harder than last years and will require me to recover well after the Giro d’Italia, but I will prepare it thoroughly”.

Bjarne Riis / Tour de France 2015

“I like this parcours, it will be a spectacular race”

Bjarne Riis summarized his impression of the 2015 Tour saying that it is a parcours “good for us. I like it, is a tough and spectacular Tour”.

The manager of Tinkoff-Saxo said he hopes the team “will performs well in the TTT. The first week will be very demanding and stressful for placement in the squad for the first ascents. I also like to have cobblestones, because this year was a very interesting stage, but I hope it does not rain that day”.

“I like this course”, repeated Riis. “It demands to have a strong team and not having a long time trial is also good for us. I don’t think the Tour has to be always the same. In the same way that not every year there are cobblestones, neither the time trial. The Pyrenees and the Alps will be very hard and that will make a spectacular race: we need to have a spectacular race and I think that’s a good change”, he concluded.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).