A-team-member-helps-Spain-s-Al_54411932906_54115221152_960_640Alberto Contador yesterday passed a medical examination in the CEMTRO Hospital in Madrid, after which Dr. Manuel Leyes Vence confirmed a fissure of the tibial plateau in his right leg that should not be operated. “The doctor told me that surgery would increase the trauma the knee has suffered and will increase the delay recovery even more. The good news is that I have no tendon or ligament injured and the fissure is in the best possible place. At least I’ll have to stop two weeks and, until the wounds heal, the leg had to be immobilized”, said Alberto Contador after leaving the hospital in Madrid. “Doctors have told me it will be almost impossible to be in the Tour of Spain, but we’ll see how the leg evolves. I am calm because they have looked me up and down and I’m sure what I have. Doctors have put things very black, but I will work hard in the coming weeks and we’ll see how far I can get”, said the leader of Tinkoff-Saxo.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).