Slowly add your soil mix into the tower, gently patting it down as you go, to minimize the settling that will occur after you water the first time. 5 gallon plastic nursery pots: they measure about 11″ diameter by 13″h. Feb 1, 2017 - Visit Living Green and Frugally for inspirational homes, gardens, homesteading ideas Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Elkus Ranch Environmental Education Center, Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties, © 2021 Regents of the University of California. Tools• 1 or 2 pair of pliers• Cloth or other flexible tape measure• Marking pen• Hacksaw• Safety goggles • Hand drill• A 2” diameter hole bit• Sandpaper• Several clothespins. If you are having trouble because they seem too tight, you may have to sand or file the shorter one down a little more until you get it wide enough to accommodate the longer bucket. Let me know if you have any suggestions to do it better. A printable version of these instructions (downloads as PDF) is here. 2 – Strawberry Tower. Mark 5 or 6 holes in this top row, 4” apart. If you bury the strawberry crown, there is a good chance the plant will die. Step 7: Plant your strawberriesYour tower is now full of soil and ready to be planted. The tower contains all the soil the plants need and can be watered with drip irrigation. 5-gallon plastic buckets. Fill the tower right up to the top because it will settle some after a short time, and you will want to plant 3 or 4 plants at the top of the soil. Don’t really do much with them except water – and they really go bonkers. *Always use hand and basic eye protection, and follow safety precautions when using tools* The strawberry tower is working very well this year. So this project is perfect for us. Step 3: Paint the towerIf you are planning to spray paint your tower, now is the time to do it. This will be your sawing guide. I came up with this design of a grow bucket. Plastic Bucket Chair @ Sisters with Stuff. These diy … Bucket Chicken Nesting Boxes @ Eco Snippets. This Knol shows you how to build a strawberry container from a 5 gallon paint bucket. Kale, Broccoli & Other Brassicas. Cut a piece of the material the same height as your tower and approx. You'll need 5-gallon nursery pots, a drill and a hole saw, and a 1 liter plastic water bottle. Because the buckets are designed to nest into each other, and since you cut one shorter and therefore slightly wider, they should go together easily and tightly with just a small twist. Wait for the soil to settle, then add more soil up to the rim of the tower before planting the top. Lay the tape measure along the marks and follow it with the marker to draw a line all the way around. Here are just some of the plants that grow well in a 5-gallon (19 L.) bucket, and how many of them can be grown in one: Tomatoes – Cherry or bush tomatoes work best. Lots of berries, and pretty much the same plants (or their babies, I guess). Strawberry Towers Planted Recycling used five gallon buckets for this project is eco friendly. Remember you will be tucking the buckets together in the bottom one inch. Full disclosure here. ) Construction for 5-gallon bucket self watering planter: Step 1: Make hole for net pot. Good ones are burlap, weed cloth or garden cover. The tower can be set on a patio or deck or placed in the garden. Ive found the key is a feeding rotation. Here, Master Gardener Charlene Landreau shows how to build a tower out of cheap (or free!) Place your bucket in a sunny spot near a convenient water source. See the directions here! Fill the upper half of the tower using a small scoop or trowel. If by hand, water gently from the top of the tower, and use a narrow-spouted watering can to water directly into each of the holes where each plant is located. To build a strawberry tower out of buckets, you will need: Two 5-gallon buckets (up to four buckets, if desired) 30” x 36” length of lining material (burlap, weed cloth or garden cover) Potting soil mix with compost or time release fertilizer If you are going to use a drip line, see the next step. Keeping the buckets separated; spray paint the outside surface with any desired color. Find sturdy ones with drain holes on the bottom. I started with the center and fed until the bucket was nearly full of … Have your helper hold bucket one steady on its side, or you can lay it down between your legs and hold it that way. Strawberries can be planted in containers and in the sides of containers for maximum yeild. To build a strawberry tower, you will need the following tools and materials: 5 gallon buckets (two) Lining material (about 30″ x 36″). This will keep the soil from falling out of the holes. Anchor it with a load-bearer of some sort in particularly rough winds. Other options include repurposing a 5-gallon storage bucket or reusing a milk jug with its top cut off. Upcycled Bucket Side Tables. Hold it in place with clothespins while you work. Materials and tools to make a DIY strawberry tower: ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. 7.5" City Pickers : 20L x 24W x 9.5H: 2 gallons: 11.2 gallons: 6.75" Garden Patch Grow Box : 28L x 14W x 12H: 4 gallons: 9.5 gallons: 7 - 8" 30 Gallon Growtainer: 30.5L x 20W x 17H: 3 gallons: 25 gallons: 11.5" The line should be high enough on the bucket so that when you saw through, it just cuts the bottom off and not much more. Lay bucket one on its side on a raised surface, hold it still with either your helper or your other hand, and use the hacksaw to cut the bottom off the bucket along the marker line you drew. If you are using a drip line, keep it vertical and centrally situated as you go. But potting soil has minimal nutrients, and they will be used up right away by your plants. 5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner @ The Owner Builder Network By Jennifer Poindexter. Remove one of the soil-retaining boards about halfway up the tower so you can fill up the bulk of the space using a shovel (see the photo at right). Step 5: Connect the drip irrigationIf you are planning to use a drip irrigation line to keep your strawberries watered, run a length of 1/4” spaghetti tubing to the tower and attach one or two 1/4” soaker hoses to the line (use a tee connector if you want two soaker lines). The water bottle sits in the middle of the top pot and slowly waters your strawberry seedlings. Slide one bucket bottom into the other and twist them together until they are snug. I’ve been growing strawberries in some big tubs (55 gal containers cut in half) and a couple of stock tanks (appx 2 ft by 4-5 ft) for the last few years. If you are planning to use a drip irrigation line to keep your strawberries … You can run the soaker hoses(s) up from the bottom through one of the holes. 5-Tier Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter - Stackable Gardening Pots with 10 Inch Saucer. That is to say I have 5 gallon buckets with lids and plenty of holes drilled around. If you are planning to hand-water your strawberries, you can begin to fill the tower with soil at this point. Do the same to bucket two. Using a sharp pair of scissors or a pocket knife, make a slit in the lining at each of the holes. I have worm “towers”. The width should be a little wider than the inside circumference of the tower. Here, Master Gardener Charlene Landreau shows how to build a tower out of cheap (or free!) Measure up 1/2" from the bottom of bucket one, and use the marker to mark the spot in several spots around the circumference of the bucket. Self-Watering 5-Pocket Herb and Strawberry Planter Helps Plants Thrive. Once you have planted all the holes, give your tower a good watering. Use either 5-gallon buckets or the 5-gallon pots you get when you buy a sapling from a nursery. Only took about 10 minutes, you just have to be careful about melting the plastic or prying to hard and 'ripping' it. Strawberry Tower. #10 – Make 5 Gallon Buckets into Chicken Nests! I waned to make one of these the other day and set out to try using a For tools – follow what the guys in the videos above have used. Start the top row just under the thick rim of the bucket. If you have limited space, consider using containers to plant strawberries. How to Build A Strawberry Tower @ UC Master Gardeners of San Mateo. Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to make the bucket reservoir version of the square strawberry tower. Strawberry Tower – the Concept. Step 4: Assemble and line the towerWhen the paint is completely dry (see directions on the paint can) you can fit your two buckets together into the final tower. You may have room for 2 holes at the bottom, also in off-set placement. Similar to the terracotta tower, but the strawberry tower is even easier to build. Finished compost will do the same. Place the material inside the tower against the inside wall. Ideal for herbs, strawberries and flowering annuals Self-watering; plants thrive and you water less often Add the Cascadino Steel Hanger Accessory Kit, sold separately, to make a hanging basket 14-1/2" diameter x 9" high ... Run ¾” piping through the center holes and set it on top of a 5-gallon bucket to raise it off the ground and create towers. Be sure they are as straight as you can get them so your tower doesn’t lean to one side. If using drip irrigation, run the system until the tower is moist throughout but not soaking wet. 36” wide. Overlap the edge of the lining where the ends meet. I’ve had better experience growing strawberries in containers than I have planting them in a raised bed or in the ground. Materials required: two 5-gallon buckets from my local hardware store; one bucket lid (optional) a 2-foot section of 1¼-inch PVC pipe a 3-inch net pot I picked up from Note – if using other buckets, this size may need to be adjusted My garden in only 540 sq feet. After drilling use sandpaper again to smooth down the edges of the holes and remove any hanging plastic threads. Plant only 1 tomato per bucket. Here, Master Gardener Charlene Landreau shows how to build a tower out of cheap (or free!) You may have seen my strawberry bucket in an earlier video of my 5 gallon self watering rain gutter garden. Use the sandpaper to sand the edges smooth and remove any hanging threads of plastic that remain. A helper comes in handy at this step. *Always use hand and basic eye protection, and follow safety precautions when using tools*, Supplies• Two 5-gallon buckets• 30” x 36” length of lining material (burlap, weed cloth, or garden cover such as Reemay)• Potting soil mixed with either finished compost or time-release fertilizer pellets• 1 can of spray paint (optional)• Approximately 30 strawberry runners, starts, or plants• 1/4” soaker hose and a length of 1/4” spaghetti tubing if using drip irrigation. Wear your safety goggles for this step to avoid plastic dust in your eyes.Using your drill with the 2” hole bit attached, drill holes in the side of the bucket at your marks.Do the same with bucket two. Build Mouse Traps to Protect Your Garden @ Frugal Living Freedom. Potting soil has excellent drainage, which is critical in a vertical planting like this. Two 5 gallon buckets will give you this helpful side table. These granules will release a balanced fertilizer over a 3 month period. Newest Articles. I’ve done this and it works like a charm. You can wait a couple of days before planting these top few. A great space-saver, some towers can accommodate as many as 100 plants. Do not skip this step! We have a lot of old buckets laying around at any given time from Dave’s Business that need using. Issues experienced last year with uneven watering have been resolved. For more information about growing strawberries, see the UC Garden Web. 5-Gallon Bucket Hacks: 25 Practical Uses on Your Homestead. Step 1: Cut the bucketsUsing the pliers, remove the metal handles from each bucket. The hoses should run vertically through the center of the tower to ensure all the plants get water. Buckets will work too! Firm the soil into place around the plant. Obviously if I cut on this line I drew the net would fall right in so a freehanded a line inside with about 1/4 inch in and cut it out with a utility knife. Do the exactly same thing to bucket two, but mark your line 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch up from the bottom, so that bucket two will be 1/2  to 1 inch shorter than bucket one. Now you are ready to drill the 2” holes in the sides. Strawberry Plants Vertical Strawberry Tower Plans - How To Build A Strawberry Tower. Black 5-gallon bucket with lid; 5″ vinyl fence post (8′ long) (2) 5″ post caps – 1 plain, 1 fancy; Vinyl fence cement; 3″ PVC SCH40 pipe, or sewer drain pipe Cheers! Planting Strawberries in a 5 Gallon … A strawberry tower is simply a way to grow strawberries vertically. If you run the hoses(s) down from the top of the tower, secure the end of the hoses(s) at ground level so they stay in place. I waned to make one of these the other day and set out to try using a 5 gallon bucket I had laying around. Do this for each hole, and then at the top of the tower plant 3 or 4 of the remaining strawberry plants to finish it off. Make the holes approx. Container Requirements One element each container needs is at least one drainage hole. 4” apart, and stagger them so the spacing seems random. Strawberries require nutrients to grow and give a good yield of fruit. They don’t have to be in a straight line, a little variation is better. DIY Emergency Survival Kit @ 5 Gallon Ideas. Used a small circular saw to make the slits where I wanted the holes, then used a handheld propane torch and a piece of 1 inch dowel to form the slits into holes. Larger leafy plants will also appreciate the space they have in a … You can also use gravity to water these pots, so you only need to water the top one. As you fill the tower, the soil will hold the lining in place and you can remove any clips or pins that were used. Be sure to select a spray paint that is made for plastic or PVC so it will adhere to the bucket. Connect the drip irrigation. Test your buckets by standing the shorter one bottom up and then inserting the longer one into the first. 5-gallon plastic buckets. I started by tracing the pot on the bottom of my broken bucket. A strawberry tower is a great way to grow fresh fruit in a limited space, such as on a deck or patio. 5-gallon plastic buckets. While this can be a one-person project if you are handy, you might find it useful to have a helper hold things steady while you work. Use a helper to hold the hoses in place while you fill the tower with soil. The second row will have only 4 or 5 holes, approx 4” from the top row, but with staggered placement (not directly below the top holes, but off-set between them). Don’t mark too close to the very bottom. Master Gardener Programof San Mateo & San Francisco Counties, 1500 Purisima Creek RoadHalf Moon Bay, CA, 94019, A strawberry tower is a great way to grow fresh fruit in a limited space, such as on a deck or patio. I use 5 buckets arranged like 5 is on playing dice. A fter placing the new Strawberry Tower in the garden or other chosen site, fill it with soil. Step 6: Fill the tower with soilPotting soil with amendment added is the best medium for your tower. Aug 10, 2015 - UCCE Master Gardener Program of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties - How to build a strawberry tower If the drain holes are on the side, punch a few holes on the bottom. Apr 25, 2013 - Even with limited space like on a deck, patio or balcony, you can grow fresh strawberries in a strawberries tower made from 5 gallon buckets. Have your helper hold the bucket still while you do this, or hold it steady with your knees. So combine the potting soil with about 1/3 finished compost, or mix time-release fertilizer granules into the potting soil in the ratio recommended on the package. I figured I might as well make another and share the technique I used. Once you determine that they will twist together snugly, take the buckets apart. Step 2: Drill the holesYou may want to mark where you will place the holes with your marker before drilling. Reach through with your fingers and make a small hole in the soil, deep enough to hold the root portion of your plant, and place one strawberry plant or runner through the slit and into the soil. ! Oh boy – I just found your site. It is easier if you use one pair of pliers in each hand to twist the handle out of its socket. Line the tower with burlap, weed block cloth, or garden cover material. A strawberry tower is a great way to grow fresh fruit in a limited space, such as on a deck or patio.

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