The former Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador, who won the three big laps, confirmed his participation in «El Giro de Rigo», organized by the Colombian Rigoberto Urán, of the Education First team, and whose route will cover an important coffee region of his country.

«Hello hello, today I have to announce something that makes me very excited, and that is that very soon I will visit Colombia, but this time by bicycle, first visit to Colombia to ride a bicycle with all of you who always transmit all your love to me », Says Contador in a video published by the organizers.

Mijos, this November 3, very special guest for #elgiroderigo my parcero @albertocontador who will shoot for the first time with all of us in Quindio, Colombia. In addition, on Saturday 2 of the same month he will present his conference “Wanting is Power”

The race, which on November 2 will cover ten towns in the department of Quindío, whose capital is Armenia, will have two paths: one of 95 kilometers and another of 145 kilometers, and both cyclists will be able to participate: «We are going to have a great time, so there are no excuses, there is still time to train well and see you soon, ”he said.

Contador won two editions of the Tour of Italy (2008 and 2015), two of the Tour de France (2007 and 2009) and three of the Tour of Spain (2008, 2012 and 2014). In the first edition of “El Giro de Rigo” held last year in the department of Antioquia, which is the capital of Medellin, participated the British Chris Froome, quadruple champion of the Tour de France.