BwYLEjdCEAAAWF_Alberto Contador managed to distance some of the men from the general in the latter part of Valdelinares, but remained cautious about drawing conclusions and said he is not yet as he would like. “I’ve seen some riders running a little behind and I went out to try. I still have a lack of condition to keep the rhythm at the maximum, but I’m very happy. I don’t know exactly what were the differences, but the important thing now is not to catch cold and to rest”, he said as summary of his stage. “Whenever there are some legs, we have to try”, said Alberto Contador to explain his attack. “I don’t know what differences have been, but I have not prepared the Tour of Spain as a target, but coming as bounce and very late, without a good condition. I hope to improve day by day, but I’m aware that there are other riders that have been prepared with great care. Perhaps today they haven’t had a good day, but the Vuelta has just begun”. About the consequences of this stage, he didn’t want to talk too much or consider it a psychological blow before the time trial. “It’s always important to be ahead and if it is because you have left your opponents, better, but I don’t give it much importance. It hasn’t even passed half of the Vuelta and this has been only a the first starter of the mountain. We have all the Vuelta ahead”, he stated.

Looking at after tomorrow’s time trial, he didn’t want to make hypothesis, but noted that others will be better than him. “I don’t know how I’ll be in the time trial. There is where we will really see what is the shape of each one. In a normal stage you perhaps can hide a little more, but in the time trial are only you and moment of form. Let’s see, I hope to do a good race, although I think it will be better riders than me”.

Tomorrow, Press Conference at 14:30 hours

Tomorrow, rest day in the Tour of Spain, Saxo-Tinkoff and Alberto Contador will offer a Press Conference at 14:30 hours in the team’s hotel. All other riders will also be available to the media upon request.

Hotel Reina Petronila
Avda. Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda, 2

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).