Alberto Contador played down the seconds lost in today’s stage. “Clearly it is better not to lose time”, said the leader of Tonkoff-Saxo, “but I hope it’s not too much trouble. I had to control the three and I think that Alejandro had to defend the podium in a stage that was pretty good for him. It is true that we have lose time, now I have to watch a little closer to Froome in Ancares, but I’m happy with the sensations, they have been pretty good and is a day less”.

Alberto did not want to work alone to go until Froome. “They also had interests, especially Alejandro, not to lose the second place on the podium. Perhaps I’ve been colder than usual, also thinking on Saturday’s stage”, he said.

In any case, it was not a surprise Froome’s attack. “Not at all, he was at the bottom of the group and I was sure that when there was a little stop, he will try. He has taken a few meters and behind no one wants to work more than necessary to avoid a counterattack. That has helped to make differences”, said Contador.

In Saturday’s stage in Ancares, the race will be different, says Alberto. “They are very different, today was a stage like a classic and Ancares is high mountain is radical different”.

Finally, Alberto Contador said that he was alone, would have gone behind Froome. “Yeah, sure I would have gone with him”, he said. “Maybe in some days I’m sorry for this, but I don’t give importance now”, he concluded.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).