safe_imageAlberto Contador finished the first stage of the 2014 Tour smoothly and with good feelings, while highlighting that the team “has been really good and that’s what’s important these days”. After crossing the finish line, Tinkoff-Saxo leader said that tomorrow’s stage, on a more demanding and hard course, “we have to be in front, like today, focused at all times to keep it together, because the peloton will be broken in many groups. We’ll have to try that the maximum number of riders of my team stay in front and accordingly, see what happens”.

About today, Contador highlighted over all the danger, “not just at the end, but throughout the entire stage, with very narrow roads and perhaps steeper than in the rest of Europe. That makes much more difficult to brake the bike, but we saved the day, which had nothing of quiet due to he parcours and falls, and so I’m really happy. Reaching the finish without problems on a stage like this is almost a victory”. Finally, Alberto said he felt good, but pointed there still it’s necessary to wait to draw conclusions. “Sensations were good, but that we must check it in the mountains. On a day like today is just a matter of being concentrated on the front”.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).