wxIMG_2218Alberto Contador did today, on the second rest day of the Tour of Spain, a short training with his teammates of Tinkoff-Saxo, during which they recognized the last kilometers of tomorros’s stage, finishing in La Coruña. It were two hours of training, including a stop for coffee and relax a bit after the last intense days of racing.

After training, take a quick shower and a light lunch, Alberto Contador held a press conference in the company of Bjarne Riis, in which he said that last week, “will be difficult and I’ve to be attentive always, because there are moments for all, there are mountain stages, medium mountain stages and the last time trial. It will be a very intense week”, said the red jersey of the race.

-After the stage of Lagos you said it would be better if nobody have to remember the missed opportunity to unseat Froome. Did you think about that during the last stage?

-When Sky team pulled, I had some doubts, like happened the day before, or if I would be fine. Luckily, yesterday I had very good legs and although Froome’s change of pace was hard until the finish, I could take advantage yesterday. Of course, we have to respect Froome because has great quality and never you can miss the opportunity to distance him.

-You said in august you were coming to the Vuelta to try to win stages in the third week. What has changed since then?

-What has really changed is that I did not know how far I could respond. The first week was very hard and I suffered a lot, but could stay with the best in La Zubia and also the day Matthews won. That motivated me and already had a good feeling in Valdelinares. What changed was that, the first week of the race.

-You’ve said Froome has been the toughest opponent in your career. Fight with him especially motivates you?

– Always is a motivation to race against the best in the world, because the value of the win and how fans follow you. And we must recognize that Froome is a reference for cycling.

wx2S0A8067-Joaquim Rodriguez said that Fuente De happens once every hundred years. Is it impossible for them to give it back?

-I hope Joaquim is right and that my eyes don’t see that. To avoid that the most important thing is to always be focused on the race and I use to do it, but I recognize that in a race can happen a thousand different situations, but I hope that does not happen to me.

-Now you are focused on the Tour, but what are your plans for the Worlds?

-Analyzing the parcours of the Worlds, it don’t suit me, plus it have been a tough season. I think there are other riders with more confidence for Alejandro or Joaquim that can go this year and I prefer to leave my place for another. I need to rest and therefore it’s not in my plans this year.

-Before the Tour you said had prepared as ever and you’d arrived nicely shaped. How are you now compared to the Tour de France?

-It’s hard to say in terms of percentage, but I don’t have here the feelings of the Tour. There I came with a preparation of many hours on the saddle and mountains passes were easier than now, but it is also true that here I also have a really high level.

-Both, Froome and you seems that are going to evolve yet. If all goes well, will the Ancares stage may be the most special of the remaining race?

-It’s the hardest of the remaining stages are the hardest, the most typical of a big tour and that will make the forces arrive just at the finish. I hope to have good legs and be with the best, no matter who was. I hope to take my chances, but I am calm because I am not the one who has to make the difference now.

-Yesterday gave the impression that you expect what happened, what may happen in Ancares?

wx2S0A8124-Froome’s tactic was pretty predictable after the work his team did and my tactics went through to stay with him and try to take my chance. In the remainder of this race he wiil try to exploit any circumstances and Ancares is the most auspicious because it’s a hard climb that requires great physical condition. For Valverde and Purito, they also will try, but maybe it’s better for them a stage like Mount Castrove, where certainly they will seek to gain time.

-In comparison to 2012, when you ran to the attack now are you ride more to the counterattack?

-Evidently I’m in a different circumstance. In the second rest day of the 2012 I was saying I wanted to keep fighting for victory though really there were few opportunities. Now it’s very different, Are the others who have to look for those opportunities and I just take a chance, because the goal is to keep the red jersey until Santiago. Now I have the tranquility of being ahead.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).