BwOT4z6IQAAtXkD.jpg-largeIn the Tour of Spain there is no quiet day. Today has fallen Froome, fortunately without consequences, and on arrival he just won two seconds ahead of Contador and Valverde in an unexpected cut in the sprint. Alberto recognized that, in fact, all stages are important. “Just ask Froome”, said to reporters, “who has had a fall. The roads are very slippery and it makes you have to be very careful. They have passed over 40 km before the break was made and when there were riders who go very fast, that has made that always we were fast also”, said explaining that it had been another hard day for the peloton. In the final sprint, Alberto Contador lost contact with Froome and it cost him 2 unexpected seconds unexpected. “I decided to take the wheel of Alejandro because I thought Valverde was going to close the gap. Froome has started, but I’ve seen that Alejandro didn’t go, that surprised me and I don’t know if at the end we have lost any second”, said the leader of Tinkoff-Saxo that, in any case, was happy after finishing the stage. “I have saved the day, there is a little less heat and now we’re to rest”. The fall in which was involved Froome came after a maneuver of Alberto. “I was attacking because Nairo Quintana was gone in a break and in that same corner when he crashed I was gone slightly, I touch the brake because I saw that the bike was too fast and narrowly escaped. And was in the same curve when the peloton was behind, that someone has fallen and I think Froome was behind”, said Contador. Then, the peloton showed its best side and nobody worked to unhook the leader of the Sky. “Froome lost a minute because have had a mechanical problem”, hypothesised Contador, “but nobody has pulled ahead, expecting to regroup everything and pass a quiet day. For me, right now, everything is going better than I expected, much better, but I’m still cautious, knowing that only has passed one week of race, but maybe it was the hardest for me”.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).