wx2S0A7775Alberto Contador held a press conference after making the recognition of tomorrow’s time trial, where expects to confirm his good feelings in these early stages. “Tomorrow is a good test to see exactly what is my physical condition”, said the leader of Tinkoff-Saxo, “but don’t want to deceive me and draw wrong conclusions after yesterday’s stage”.

What recognized Alberto Contador is that from now is “able to say that I will try to win the Vuelta, another thing is if I have legs or not. Until yesterday, even to the last kilometers, did not see it and have to wait to see how I am tomorrow. Since the beginning of the race I thought about letting pass the days. I think I’m getting better and has been after seeing this evolution that I can say that I will try”.

-What now will change the race from a strategic and mental point of view?

-Neither will change much in the race, it is only to make a balance, see in what situation I’m and looking the cards I can play. People come with more work than me and can go further, like Froome and Quintana. I am a question mark.

-Is still Froome the main favorite, as you said at the beginning of the Vuelta?

No, the favorites are the same as they were at first, Quintana and Froome, which also has a time trial tomorrow very good for him, not to mention Joaquim Rodriguez and Alejandro Valverde. Apart from what has been seen so far, there are almost no differences, they are ridiculous, and favorites remain the same.

-In is moment are you feeling better or worse than in the Vuelta 2012?

-No, the truth is that I am not better. In 2012 the difference was that there was a particularly strong rider, Joaquim Rodriguez, who always responded to changes of pace and attacking me in the end. We have not yet seen mountain stages like those, but I think he was better in 2012.

-Are you better than your opponents or are they worse?

-I have not analyzed so much data of RSM in climbs, but I think because of the heat of first days and rain yesterday, there have been more surprises. I’m getting better every day and that’s good for me, but it’s also true that I lack the confidence it gives to you to have done a good work. We all still have to evolve, including Quintana and Froome.

-How is the time trail?

-When you see the parcours directly it looks even harder than it seems on paper. The first part is up hill, with some really tough ramps, and then has a very fast descent on a very irregular and difficult road. The last part, however, is to pedal integrated in the bike. It’s pretty simple to say, but will be really tough.

-Do you more liberated coming under these conditions to the Vuelta?

Here I didn’t come under the same conditions than to the Tour and I will continue like this. All I could get here will be a prize, apart from enjoying the affection of the public. It’s certainly not the same pressure and I notice that when there is a breakaway, for example, that I look at the situation with a different point of view, without no the same responsibility. There are others more favorites that me, because I have not been able to prepare the race in good conditions.

-Have you had considered the possibility of coming to the Vuelta and see that your knee don’t work, what would you have done in this case?

-I thought it and still do, because the knee is still there and I still have some problems, though minimal. For example, internal stitches are now going out. Is not important, but not everything goes perfect. When deciding to come I was aware that something could happen, but hopefully everything continues well.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).