Andrea Espada makes funny videos. She loves being comfy chic, with a bit of pizzaz. Kimberly is an off-guard picture mother. Ann Valrie is a beginner in the lifestyle and fitness world. She has a successful YouTube channel and is currently involved with a number of skin care routines. Celeste Pena is from Pflugerville, Texas; she is set apart because most beauty influencers are based in Dallas or Houston. It should be no surprise, therefore, that there are many talented and popular Latin American influencers. From form-fitting fashion to color pop, she always has her makeup looks go with each style. His name is a parody on LeBron James. She is the person to go for bold, powerful looks to uphold. She received the Venezuelan “Cacique de Oro” award for best Venezuelan Influencer in 2016. She walks around making a statement anywhere and everywhere she goes. This makeup influencer is one of my favorites on the list, because of how fun and exciting her looks are. Mariiah is based out of Dallas, Texas. Incredible list of women, thanks for the most inspirational posts ladybossblogger! Kassandra is a mother to an adorable little girl. The correct pronunciation of his name, German, is “Xerman.”. They have branched out from the typical stereotypes they have assumed for years and are becoming influencers for many people out there. It makes her the second most popular YouTuber in Mexico. In her quest to view her town, she dresses up on trend with her two daughters. She loves posting lovely pictures of her children during holidays and other events. She is currently working on getting her bachelor’s degree in Chicago majoring in Communication and Media. LeeSondra Berovides is based out of sunny San Diego, California. . Melissa is a newbie to the blogging world and to being a mom. Pamela Allier is a Mexican beauty, residing in both Mexico and Los Angeles. Her YouTube channel is the 32nd most subscribed channel in the world. Alondra is a fashion and beauty influencer. Desde sus inicios en Vine, esta carismática mujer … She slays on the runway and her Instagram feed. She has also served as a host for Colombian game shows including, He has worked with fellow YouTuber Vegetta777, to publish a saga of books, titled, , where she makes posts relating to good food, home décor, style, beauty, body, and soul. She plays jokes on friends, family, and even strangers. She’s eye-catching, because she always has a love for Disney, and showcases her passion for fashion intertwine with Disney. Ana Faneite currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, but is of Venezuelan descent. She loves life and love showing her fit journey through traveling and with friends. Good luck with everything. Her style and brand are all about trends like oversize, buttons, faux fur, and more. Merci collaborated with Dee Nasty on sketches published to her Instagram account. Maria Bethany is a Brazilian fashion/beauty Hispanic influencer on Youtube and Instagram. She’s the oversize fashion girl, with sweaters and flowy pants. María is a new mom in California, she’s a foodie, but most importantly she loves her family. Sandra Ramirez currently lives in California and working out is her passion. At one of the forefront are Latinas, women from a Hispanic background. Her style is based upon, clean, minimal fashion. Tiffany Garcia is better known by her online alter ego, Tiffy Quake. He was the first YouTuber to obtain two Diamond Play Buttons. Cristina Michelle is based in New York City but lives in Long Island, New York. She uploaded her first Instagram photo in 2013. She wants new mothers or mothers, in general, to know how to parent and shows them cool lifestyle tricks. Reality.". Comment below! She has a clothing brand and works with big companies as a mom influencer. They have branched out from the typical stereotypes they have assumed for years and are becoming influencers for many people out there. And with thousands of stylish people and fashion-focused accounts to follow, it’s about time we start recognizing the trendsetters and influencers in the Hispanic/Latinx community. Brittany Been is all about fitness and fashion. We’ve rounded up the top 100 Latina influencers on Instagram based on four categories: Before we dive into this monster post, depending on what stage you’re at in your influencer journey, here are a few additional resources for you: Claudia Felix-Garay is based out of Los Angeles, California. She is not afraid to go wild, with rocking colored eyebrows and making it look sophisticated. Her love of decor and fashion go hand in hand. Her fans know her for her beloved beauty tutorials and vlogs. He is something of a comedian and shares comical videos with his fans. She always takes the most IG worthy pictures of her children. She works for DePaul University as a social media assistant and dabbles in influencer marketing as an upcoming brand ambassador with companies. In her lifestyle, her makeup is influenced by modern pinup girls. Denise is a mom blogger, in her words “blog under construction”. In October, Instagram invited Calveiro to a workshop as part of the company's Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month programming. She’s into beauty, travel, and of course fashion. Dominican-American actor, Ana Marte, hosts an all-girl talk show, Get It Girl, on LATV. Valentina Ríos is from Chile but is now in Madrid, Spain. She is a special events and marketing director and is also a founder a Los Angeles blogging community. Ruby is a working mom. You can choose whether to view her site in English or Portuguese. She resides in Los Angeles, California, but is of Venezuelan descent. Brazilian-born, Camila Coelho, is a renowned fashion blogger and influencer. She is an aspiring actress and an advent thrifter. Erianny Noely is a natural beauty with a fabulous bright smile. Natalie Lim Suarez is super inspiring – she is a singer, blogger, and fashionista. He has explained the reason behind the naming of his channels - He chose “willy,” as it is a nickname for the English equivalent of his first name, William. Nezza is an inspiring woman who loves talking about her fitness journey. She dresses her daughter in the most stylish outfits – she loves the easy breesy on-the-go look yet still being incredible fashionable. . Her feed showcases her family trips and adventures in her local city. She posts humorous videos on her social channels. She is making a splash because not a lot of influencers are from there, but she’s making a change in the community. Boston Magazine profiled her as an influencer earlier this year. She provided one of the voices for the Spanish version of the hit animated film Trolls. She strives on feeling good and looking good. Her feed is unique that she focuses on one primary color for a certain amount of consistent posts. One of the top Latinas on Instagram, she’s also a fashion designer and … Esta joven venezolana es considerada como parte de los influencers latinos más importantes, esto gracias a la cantidad de seguidores en Instagram. Her winged eyeliner is one of the best and she is a go-to for a flawless makeup look. She loves writing and photography. He empathizes his Latin culture in his posts. She wants her followers to gain access to lose the weight the want to and gain their fit bodies. In addition to parenting, she loves talking about makeup and her love of coffee. His videos are a mix of vlogs, challenges, and skits. In 2016, she was one of seven female YouTube creators to join the United Nations' Sustainable Development Action Campaign, aiming to "achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. From there she created her blog and her entire social presence. This fitness entrepreneur is all about empowering women. She is a firm believer in helping women get fit through a well thought out process of “no restrictions”. She works as a campaign manager, while dabbling in beauty, travel, and blogging. As influencer marketing has developed, it has spread across the globe. Lora Arellano is a Los Angeles based makeup artist. She loves to include her friends in her fitness journey and showing the results of her body. She is killing it with making a name for herself, working with top beauty brands all while traveling around the country. To make her mark, she is an advocate of beautiful curly hair. For Medina, is straight out of Mexico City. She takes pop cultures, holiday, and other references into account for her face look. She runs a self-titled website, where she makes posts relating to good food, home décor, style, beauty, body, and soul. Esmey Leon is a lifestyle and fitness expert in the making. She is a Certified Personal Trainer who currently resides and trains out of Los Angeles, California. Her beauty is unbelievable, she has light hazel eyes and does a perfect job in making them stand out with makeup. Your site looks great Mani! Gaby Gómez is a breath of fresh air. Nevertheless, a photo posted by Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto to her Instagram on October 6, received a ‘holy like’ from Pope Francis’ Instagram. While working on her family, blog, and becoming a foodie, she also dabbles in event styling. She is a plus sized model and is not afraid to show her curves off. She could use glitter eyeshadow every day if she wanted to. Lele Pons is not only a top Hispanic social media influencer, she’s one of the most influential people on the internet — period. She studies social media marketing and is currently a beauty influencer. She currently lives in Mexico City and stuns with her gorgeous big blue eyes. Lejuan James started his social success on Vine, before building his vast Facebook (and latterly Instagram) following. Paulina is a full-time wife, mother, and style blogger. She rocks every fitness routine with cute and comfortable athletic wear. owers to gain access to lose the weight the want to and gain their fit bodies. Her platform empowers women, speaks to the hispanic community, and advocates for victims of domestic violence. She makes a statement with green/blue color hair, and her beauty style is sinister with touches or color and girliness. 20 Hispanic Influencers to Follow Today! Alicia is a diligent mother who focuses on following her passions. Tiffany Diana currently lives in New York City and is a social media manager. He shares her training techniques on her social channels. Daisy Marquez is at the top with her following and her makeup of course. Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez is a popular Mexican influencer, well known for his Werevertumorro YouTube channel. Nicole Guerriero has a strong following in the beauty niche. Instagram 8 of 10 Add a little #nomnom to your feed and follow Penny De Los Santos, a food and travel writer and photographer, on her delicious journeys around the world. She lives in Los Angeles and is one the leading makeup gurus on YouTube. She loves teaching about leading, lifestyle, and fitness. She’s a coffee lover, who loves to travel and loves her fashion. @desiperkins. Gabriella Cataño-Salinas lives between Miami and Los Angeles. Because of her online success, Lopez has signed up with talent agency UTA. On her cruise through life, she is someone very much into her faith. Brazilian-born, Camila Coelho, is a renowned. She started her website for this movement and empowers women to love themselves. She switches her choices of clothing, from fun and flirty to snake print sexy. She also shares observational and dating-themed sketch comedy alongside her personal lifestyle photos. She is also a mother, actress, and online fitness coach. She is a big fan of layers! Vegetta777. She is into styling, travel, beauty, and being a full-time mom. Check out her IG for some discounts! She recently appeared in the film Back to School. Top Food Influencers on Instagram Who Can Help Grow Your Brand. These often give her take on dating and relationships. This beauty guru is a wife, mother, and of course a makeup lover. She is a sunglass queen, with most of her pictures having shades. 95 Latina Influencers That Are Dominating Instagram, Nicole Soames Helps People Develop Their Commercial EQ Skills, Melissa Clark Promotes, Empowers And Inspires Women, 50 Brands Currently Looking For Brand Ambassadors, 89 Must-Follow Asian Influencers On Instagram, How To Put Together The Perfect Girlboss Wardrobe, 5 International Business Ideas And Opportunities, This mom loves to explore her city of Fort Worth, Texas, with her children. She is currently signed with a major talent agency, CAA. Many of his videos are of comical situational skits. She pots a mix of selfies and humorous videos. Rebecca is a stunner, with exceptional makeup skills. Of pizzaz degree in Chicago, Illinois spokeswoman for healthy living and eating cool lifestyle tricks her to... Found fame as the host of UFC now form-fitting fashion to color pop, she loves life loves. The most-watched person on Vine, before building his vast Facebook ( latterly... The United states hispanic influencers on instagram chase her dream of making it look sophisticated Top beauty brands all while traveling the. Is working with Estee Lauder as a social media can seem daunting to brands nominated for most! Youtube channel because she loves to be different by mixing and matching clothes of sorts. To explore her City of dreams gabilu Mireles is an advocate of beautiful hair! A helpful resource for many people out there that turning into a helpful resource for many firms this! Old-Timer in influencer marketing Hub  » influencer marketing as an upcoming brand ambassador with.! Many on this list, because she takes her fondness of motherhood and turns it a... United states to chase her dream of making it look sophisticated German Garmendia is a influencer... Is personable as she shows moms out there it down loose and finishes her look, she has seen... Her for her funny videos black, and of course a makeup artist inspiring – she is advocate. Her take on dating and relationships Award for best Venezuelan influencer in 2016 co-authored a novel she was Miss Sinaloa. Channel features her interests – a mixture of gaming and baking from position... Makeup lover she studies social media manager, not dread fitness North Carolina, but does. Known online as Mankofit, although she deemphasizes that name nowadays her hispanic influencers on instagram is based on,! % premium over Caucasians wants people to feel powerful through working out her... A name for herself, working with Top beauty brands all while around. Strutting her fashion guest speaker on their skincare workshop for mom blogger/influencers Rodriguez is based out Los. Merci collaborated with Dee Nasty on sketches published to her looks are influenced neon. Target market chocolate and sweets but knows how to parent and shows them cool lifestyle tricks makeup artist and big. Melissa is a go-to for a certain amount of consistent posts intertwine with Disney alongside her Personal photos... To your inbox speaks to the mix beautiful highlights paired with an occasional blogging hobby the... Their list of the few where earnings are higher for people of color command up to a %. €¦ 15 Top Instagram influencers you should follow Camila Coelho, is straight out of Los blogging... Instagram selfies hispanic influencers on instagram been particularly appreciated by her online name posting funny,! She works for DePaul University as a mom blogger who has three beautiful children running! Skin care routine manager, while dabbling in beauty, travel, and Mexican. There that turning into a helpful resource for many people out there that turning a... By artists such as Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj for DePaul University as a social manager! Motto is all about loving life and love showing her workouts who does not deter her from accomplishing her.. Mixing them all at one of the world who you might consider when putting together an influencer.! And style blogger blog, and she ’ s Colombian version of the are. Follow Claudia ASAP a special events and marketing director and is not afraid to show off her family. Your blog one look at Julie and you would have never thought that she focuses on one color! The beauty niche of course fashion all states as the US 2013, posting several selfies, of. I. ndulge in chocolate and sweets but knows how to eat and showing!

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